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Exploration technologies in action


  Monitoring During Production

Petroleum & Geothermal Exploration Services PGES srls provides exploration and production technologies and techniques for hydrocarbon and geothermal exploration in any environment. 



   Exploration Services

Our geophysical services enable accurate measurements for the most detailed insight into subsurface geology and properties, so you can be certain that you always have the information you need to make the best decisions.



   Field Development 

We deploy our land acquisition grids and profiles worldwide to help oil and gas operators explore for hydrocarbon accumulations and geothermal potentials.


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PGES’s Interpretation Studies

IntegrationPeople and technology to capture the benefits of an integrated seismic, RDM, passive seismic, MT, AMT and geochemical imaging in our processing centers and in client operator offices. 


PGES provides the link to a broad range of data services focusing on passive exploration disciplines with dedicated teams of geophysicists who specialize in survey design, inversion services, geological and geophysical interpretation studies (read more).

Passive Seismic Spectroscopy

PGES’s Passive Seismic Spectroscopy can be used for: 

  •  First and fast localization of hydrocarbon potential zones over the acquisition block; 
  • Delineate seismic profiles;
  • Better well placement; 
  • Better integration with all geophysical data and better reserve estimates; 

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Micro Seismic Tomography PST

TomoPassive Seismic Tomography for hydrocarbon and geothermal exploration utilize P- and S-wave travel times from natural micro-earthquakes, to accurately estimate the 3D Vp (structural) and Vp/Vs (lithologic) distributions in the subsurface and the hydrocarbon potential related with velocity absorption effects.

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Magneto Tellurics & AMT

SigaThe interpolation between adjacent data allows the definition of a section of electrical resistivity. 

MT & AMT reach great depths in confined spaces for

  • Definition of structures of deep gravitational instability;
  • Definition of geological and tectonic structures;
  • Definition of geothermal, hydro‐geological and hydrocarbon models for the optimal well locations.

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Gamma-Ray Radiometry RDM

PotassGrossDistSurface Gamma radiation survey can delineate a high to low radioactive from a horizontal attitude on the surface. 

PGES’s exploration services, provide on-ground RDM radiometry imaging technologies and techniques for hydrocarbon and geothermal exploration in any environment. (read more)


res-2Gravity, MT and AMT have their best imaging at vertical interfaces across which lateral density or magnetic susceptibility contrasts exist. Seismic data quality can be improved with gravity, MT, AMT and passive seismic. A Gravity model can be modified in a number of ways to match the observed gravity signal. (read more)