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Bringing in The Backup


Publication Date: 05/2015BringingIntheBackupMay2015-2


“Intelligent Operations” connect people, processes and technologies for safer, smarter oilfield working.

The exploration and production sectors have embraced the concept and whole technical industries have been built around it. But intelligent operations are possible only because of satellite communication.


Without satcom, people and machines cannot operate intelligent. And without communications, companies can not operate intelligently. In today’s climate, using intelligent operations as a foundation for creating efficiency at all stages of the E&P cycle has become more important than ever.


Data generated during seismic survey, downhole data from drilling operations, pipelines inspection data; it is all more valuable today because when used to actively improve operations, tangible cost savings can be realized.
This demand for data is putting pressure on ship-owners to provide dependable communication and connectivity networks on board offshore vessels.


If the success or efficiency of an operation depends on the ability to share and act on the data it generates, loss of connectivity on board is unacceptable. Connectivity dropouts are not just a case of losing the ability to send few emails.
Without an IP connection, contact with remote experts supporting an operation becomes impossible.


The ability to monitor, visualize and act on well sensor data is lost. Seismic surveys lose the ability to act on and adapt dynamically according to what they find. Even fulfiling regulatory requirements becomes (potentially) costly challenge without access to the company LAN. This all eats away at the bottom line



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