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Geothermal Today

Recent advances in technology have to potential to make geothermal development more wide-spread with the Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS).


Geothermal exploitation has the potential to shift from natural-resources extraction to that of a process industry that can be applied in a greater number of locations.


A new form of geothermal exploitation being tested in areas that are not hydrothermal, such as Australia. EGS does not require hot water reservoirs. It is an engineered reservoir system. In its simplest form, the only requirement is a hot, dry rock to act as a crucible. 

EGS schematic

EGS schematic


Water is pumped down an injector well and heated in situ; it accesses a production well via natural or stimulated fractures and is produced to the surface, where it flashes into steam and is used to generate electricity. It is then re-injected to complete the close loop system.


Re-injection activities can produce natural seismic activities that can be monitored with a surface grid of instruments and monitored using IPSS and PST . 


PGES’s team in  geothermal exploration projects for power production.


Principle of Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS)