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Passive Seismic Hydrocarbon Exploration


Kino – Barren County – KY 


Kino area within the Barren county is located at ~31 Km North-West from the TNB. The passive seismic data collecting within Kino covers 4 blocks.



 The passive seismic low frequency spectroscopy exploration technique (IPSS) applied within Kino focuses on obtaining a local low frequency seismic view of the subsurface to create a realistic earth model with a potential hydrocarbon distribution within the acquired leases.


PGES is positioned to accomplish this imaging through an extensive library of passive seismic data measurements and multidisciplinary expertise.


Final product will enable users to evaluate hydrocarbon images within the Kino area in the Barren County – KY –  leading up in 2016. For more information, contact PGES.