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Jarn Yaphour


The area was surveyed using passive seismic spectroscopy technology with a grid of 168 stations, the passive seismic survey program covered all the Field Area, including the West culmination, the producing area and the North-East side of the production area.



A total of eleven wells have been drilled within the field.


Three reservoirs have been tested for hydrocarbons, one is the main hydrocarbon producer and it has high hydrocarbon reserves.


The field is a medium size structure, and, based on 3D seismic and passive seismic interpretation there is a possible potential in a stratigraphic trap in the North-East of the field.


Comparison with provided data shows possible three ways dip structures.



Shah Field

The survey will be carried out in the Shah Field.


Bida Hamid

Passive seismic grid have been performed with ~72 stations which covered the Bida Hamid pop-up prospect area.