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United States


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Nevada: | Nye County | 


Alabama: | Baldwin County |


Kansas:  | Lane County |


Kentucky:  | Monroe County |  Barren County |



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Wilbarger Country |


Canada - Alberta


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The initial survey will be on Block A which has several different scenarios such as: 

by-passed pay, pool extension, missed oil in pool and gas cap identification.


Geological study has already identified at least five prospective targets suitable for further evaluation by Passive seismic. All targets are dual gas and oil. 

Cameroon Ndogpassi/Logbaba


[vectormap map=cm-all] 

Passive Seismic Spectroscopy


Exploration drilling activity within Logbaba are aimed at confirming the presence of the natural gas reserve (read more).


The measurement setup designed for this survey consists of 75 independent 3D passive seismic acquisition stations (read more).

We have extensive knowledge in this area having acquired the first passive seismic survey in Cameroon, and processing passive seismic data for this region in-house.


[vectormap map=ke-all]

Passive Seismic Data


Our data library in Kenya contains over 4,000 sqkm of Passive Seismic IPSS data over Mandera Basin


We have extensive knowledge in this area having acquired the first Passive Seismic survey in Kenya, and processing seismic data for this Block region in-house.




[vectormap map=et-all]

Passive Seismic Data


Blocks are located in Ogaden Area in east Ethiopia.  


No well have been drilled inside the area.

The area is known to contain an active hydrocarbon migration system. 








Passive Seismic Data Library


[vectormap map=sd-all]

Block 7


This block encompasses an area of ~64 sq km and is located in the central part of the Melut basin.


Block 4


The passive seismic data library is in the North-Western part of the Block 4, within the Eastern trend of the cretaceous play.









[vectormap map=ng-all]

Passive Seismic Data


The block encompasses an area of about 29 sq Km.


Niger Delta Basin


The Niger Delta basin, to date, is the most prolific and economic sedimentary basin in Nigeria

Block OML-277 is located in the northern part of the onshore section of the Niger Delta Basin.


Around the Block are present prolific oil fields:


Egbem, Egbem A, Egbem AW, Ugada and Oguta in the west and  north western side,


Zombe Field in the northen side of the block.


Ohaji Field in the southern and Anuri, Iheoma, Ilomba Fields in the eastern side of the block.

This represents the great petroleum potential of this block.

Mali Nara Basin


[vectormap map=ml-all]

Passive Seismic Data


The survey area is situated to the south west of the Nara-Trough where the only data existing is a preliminary FTG survey

The data library of this survey is located in the south western side of the Nara basin where the only data existing is a preliminary FTG Full Tensor Gravity survey.


The survey is targeted in the area where the FTG has identified a potential thick sedimentary basin with potential 4 ways closures.



License NR-001

[vectormap map=lr-all]

Passive Seismic Spectroscopy Data

Micro Seismic Tomography Data


This onshore reconnaissance license covers the 1,366 sq kms of the onshore coastal strip of Liberia lying within the known extent of the Roberts-Bassa Basin


Although there are no published studies of this basin, existing field and geological outcrop data produced by the US Geological Survey indicate that it is connected laterally and down-dip with the West African – Atlantic conjugate continental margin.



 Kamta gas field

[vectormap map=bd-all]

The area covers ~ 128 sq km within the Kamta gas field located in Kaliganj upazila under Gazipur district.


1000 m grid of seismometers within the target area in continues daily measuring mode to record local background noise to extract the IPSS hydrocarbon potential distribution.



 Passive Seismic data library

[vectormap map=in-all]  


Passive Seismic data library encompasses an area of about 4 sq. km, is situated in the Gujarat state in the north-western region of India and is in the Ahmedabad Mehsana tectonics block of the petroliferous Cambay Basin.


Four reservoirs of the Kadi Formation of Eocene age contain oil and gas accumulations. These reservoirs are thinly bedded and comprise alternations and intercalations of sand–silt and shale.


It is difficult to identify these reservoirs from the seismic data. The entrapment condition is formed by the combination of structure and statigraphy.



[vectormap map=kz-all]

Passive Seismic Data


The survey consists of a 242 passive seismic stations grid over the Kotyrtas area.

The passive seismic acquisition grid is implemented to cover the Moldabek field and Kotyrtas field.


Recently, a full field development plan using 9 spot wells pattern has been implemented.



Passive Seismic Spectroscopy
Micro Seismic Tomography

 [vectormap map=ru-all]

Siberia |



Kolguyev |



Ukraine Blk-STBG


[vectormap map=ua-all]

Blk-PVZ |

The passive seismic survey program has an extension of ~37 sq Km.


Blk-STBG |

The block has an extension of ~ 6.1 sqKm and is located at ~ 4 Km North from the populated area of Pokhivkay.


Balochnaya |

Balochnaya area prospects are linked with Middle maikop deposits.


Ukraine Blk-STBG


The concession where the passive seismic data acquisition will take place is called Starobogorodchanscka.


The block has an extension of ~ 9 sq Km.


Five productive gas wells are present within the concession.

Middle East

[vectormap map="ae-all"]




|Jebel Ali| 


Abu Dhabi

 Jarn Yaphour




Bida al Qemzan


Bida Hamid