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IPSS Advantage and Benefits

The quality of results and the advantages over conventional seismic, clearly indicate the benefits of this method, in oil, gas and geothermal exploration and delineation.


PGES’s Infrasonic Passive Seismic Spectroscopy (I-PSS) helps operators to identify P-field absorption zones over the surface and then to delineate and plan further exploration programs. 

IPSS can be used for:


  • First and fast delineation and localization of attenuation zone over the acquisition block;
  • Delineate and plan seismic profiles;
  • Easy and fast implementation, especially in difficult terrains;
  • Better well placement;
  • Better integration with all geophysical data and better reserve estimates;
  • Risk reduction;


Infrasonic Passive Seismic Spectroscopy IPSS has the following key advantages:


  • Low cost and operation;
  • Environmentally friendly application, an issue of considerable importance to the global oil company activity today;


Micro seismic Monitoring

Long-term micro seismic monitoring in hydrocarbon reservoirs has the potential to reveal fracture geometry.


Passive Seismic

Unlike traditional seismic technologies, passive seismic methods observes and measures the natural seismic activities which is already occurring underground or which is inducted. 


Passive Seismic Spectroscopy IPSS and Tomography PST operations

Explorations for hydrocarbon and geothermal purposes.