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MT AMT Geothermal Exploration

In volcanic settings, geothermal reservoirs are characterized by high temperature and permeability, usually leading to high resistivities. However, extensive clay alteration of the enclosing rocks results in low resistivities.


 Geothermal_Well (1)

The contrast of resistivity provides an excellent tool for identifying geothermal targets.



Magnetotellurics (MT) is the standard method for mapping the alteration cap. We have carried out geophysical surveys and interpreted the data of geothermal prospects in Italy using passive MT, AMT, passive seismic IPSS and tomography PST technologies. Typically, these have been programs which have integrated gravity data with available CO2 geochemical and geological data.


PGES’s team in  geothermal exploration projects for power production.


MT AMT Key Advantages and Benefits 

The magnetotellurics surveys   reach great depths in confined spaces.


MT Oil and Gas Exploration 

To magnetotellurics MT, the conditions which cause difficult seismic energy propagation are largely irrelevant and so the method readily images the resistivity of the sub-surface.


MT AMT Acquisition systems are based on lightweight 24-bit 5-channel GPS-synchronized recording units covering the frequency range from 0 to 50 kHz.


The data acquisition system has  a receiver unit (Unit MT), two electromagnetic sensors, and four electrodes  the placement of 4 electrodes arranged in a cross the disposition of the two orthogonal magnetic sensors at a distance of about 25 m from the instrument receiver.