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Geothermal Exploration

PGES  provides for geothermal exploration resources. 


To date, this work has included a complete review of previous studies with new interpretation of the geologic and volcanic environment using: 


for delineating cap-reservoir interface;


 A simultaneous measurement of carbon isotopes from both CO2 and CH4 can be performed. 


for delineating natural or inducted fracture events within the background and optimizing the velocity model;


to delineate the increasing of the natural or inducted seismic activity and have a base line of the natural seismic background pre- and post- drilling within a short-term, long-term or permanent reservoir monitoring;


Gravity is correctly characterized as a ‘low-resolution’ geophysical exploration tool. Without constraining information, a gravity model can be modified in an infinite number of ways in order to match the observed gravity signal.


PGES’s team in  geothermal exploration projects for power production.