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Gravity Surveys

The gravity method has been used for many decades to map lateral density changes associated with petroleum and other natural resource accumulations in the earth.


Grav3It uses the universal, “free”, environmentally-friendly energy source (the earth’s gravity field), and touts a direct relationship to earth properties (density) which is the exploration goal.


In the Oil & Gas Exploration Gravity can be used to determine the location of a Salt dome in which oil or gas could be present.


While gravity provides limited depth resolution compared to Micro Seismic, it has excellent lateral resolution, providing much needed vertical sampling for improved imaging and bulk density estimates.


The CG-5 AUTOGRAV has a standard resolution of 1 microGal with a standard deviation that is < 5 microGals. It is the fastest, lightest and efficient gravity meter on the market today. 


We deploy our land gravity acquisition services worldwide to help oil and gas companies explore hydrocarbon and geothermal potentials.