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Gamma Ray Radiometrics RDM 

Subsurface oil and gas fields are mapped using surface radiation sensors. Radiation anomalies are created over such fields due to the vertical migration of hydrocarbons. 


RDM3D-1Radiation anomalies exist above most oil and gas reservoirs. Before the introduction of spectral devices radiation surveys were conducted recording only total radiation counts. Newer advanced equipment enable the surveyor to acquire a full radiation spectrum and break the total counts down into the components of Potassium-40 (K), Uranium-214 (U), Thorium-208 (T), and Total Count (T).


Radiation anomalies can materialize as an area indicating low total radiation counts and low potassium counts. Thorium is contained mostly in insoluble minerals and remains relatively fixed under most natural chemical conditions and are not considered in most Total Count survey analysis.


Ground radiometric surveys can be used to rapidly map and target radioactive elements. Newly developed equipment enables the acquisition of a full radiation spectrum including the counts resulting from uranium, potassium and thorium. Areas of interest are identified from ground acquired radiometric data in conjunction with geological investigations or other geophysical exploration methodologies.


PGES’s exploration services, provide land radiometric acquisition technologies and techniques for Gamma-ray imaging in any environment. Our services and products enable accurate measurements for the most detailed radiation anomalies images.


Gamma-ray spectrometry RDM:

Is an effective geological mapping tool in many different environments for geothermal, hydrocarbon and water investigations.


Radiometry Operations – Runnels County -Texas 

The radiometric survey was executed Runnel County, approximately 2 miles NW of Winters, Texas, and 196 Mi SW of Dallas.


Radiometry Operations – Wilbarger Country

The covered target area is located approximately 160 Mi North-East from Dallas and ~9 Mi north-East from Electra.


 RDM- Key Advantages and Benefits