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Geophysical services

Discovering and assessing oil or gas deposits requires integration of information culled from Geology, Geochemistry, Drilling, Seismology, EM, Gravity and other disciplines.


PGES offers a range of exploration disciplines and acquisition techniques to address land seismic challenges. Designed to work in combination, they provide enhanced hydrocarbon potentials to optimize field operation challenges and drilling decisions.


While seismic exploration remains the primary method of exploring for petroleum, use of gravity, magnetic methods, passive seismic and geochemistry has continued to expand based on their contribution to reliable evaluations and discoveries in deeper and more challenging environments structures.


By gathering geophysical data to narrow the search area within large fields, exploration crews can refine their targets and apply techniques more efficiently. Combining seismic and passive seismic, gravity, tellurics (MT-AMT), geochemistry methods enables oil explorers to better define and focus projects early on, and minimize the risk of conducting expensive or prohibitively expensive investigations before potential is determined.


PGES provides resources for hydrocarbon and geothermal exploration  and our acquisitions techniques can be applied to many seismic and geological challenges. 


Whether you require imaging of the near surface or characterization, our exploration technologies and techniques combine multiple geophysical and geological measurements to provide improved analysis of the subsurface.