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Niger Delta Basin


Following the Mesozoic rifting of the Atlantic,  sediments filled the Benue Trough.


 The culmination of various depositional events resulted in the formation of about seven sedimentary basins in Nigeria:


  • These basins are Anambra basin,
  • Benue Trough,
  • Benin basin,
  • Bida basin,
  • Bornu basin,
  • Sokoto basin.
  • Niger Delta basin


The Niger Delta basin, to date, is the most prolific and economic sedimentary basin in Nigeria by virtue of the impact size petroleum accumulations discovered and produced as well as the spatial distribution of the petroleum resources to the onshore, continental shelf through deep water terrains. Shales of the Akata formation constitute a world class source rock .


The onshore and continental shelf of Niger Delta account for the oil production about 2.2 MMBOPD.



Block OML-277 is located in the IMO state of South Nigeria and covers an area of about 29 sq. Km