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Taoudenni Basin


There are five sedimentary basins in Mali:


with too little exploration activity: 5 wells, only one of which (well Yarba-1, located at the south of the Taoudeni Basin) has revealed gas shows at 2,294 m in the Pre-Cambrian.


All the seismic surveys executed with varying quality do not exceed 10,000 Km. The surface geology of Mali is divided into the following regions:


  • Western regions: Precambrian and Carboniferous formations outcrop. 
  • Eastern regions: Mesozoic and Cenozoic sediments.
  • North: Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic formations.
  • Center: Quaternary  


Mali still is an under-explored country for Hydrocarbons considering the 5 vast sedimentary basins and the large surface. The poor results in hydrocarbon prospecting are due to a highly complicated structure system, the stratigraphic setup, and the misreading of the country subsurface geology.


The great Taoudeni basin occupies 1.8 Million km2, of which more than 1 Million are in Mali.


The Taoudeni, is the largest sedimentary basin in West Africa.



Passive Seismic Data Library – Nara Basin (Mali)

The survey area is situated to the south west of the Nara-Trough where the only data existing is a preliminary FTG survey