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Block 2A Seismic Line VTU-01

Within the Simba Energy’s Block 2A ‘Passive Seismic Potential I’ holds the ‘highest energy levels’ recorded across both ‘Passive Seismic Surveys Area #1 at Block 2A and represents the strongest hydrocarbon prospect within the entire acquisition block. It is centered at ~11 Km South-East from Wajir and has an extension of ~29 sqKm.




‘Seismic Line VTU-01’ passes through ‘Structural Prospect P-1’ and part of ‘Passive Seismic Potential I’.


Starting from the shot point 300 up to the shot point 650 ‘Passive Seismic Potential I’ is located in the middle of the Lead-1 identified by the seismic line VTU-01


FTG distribution over the ‘Structural Prospect P-1’ and ‘Passive Seismic Potential I’ is also in line via M#1 closure.



Simba Energy Kenya Block 2A Passive Seismic 


Seismic Line K74-2, the Passive Seismic Potential II’ and FTG Closure’s M#2 & M#3 appears to be located between shot points 1700 and 1900


Passive Seismic Pot. I, II, III, VII.