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Block 2A Seismic Line K74-2

Referring to Seismic Line K74-2, the Passive Seismic Potential II and the FTG Closure’s M#2 & M#3 appear to be located between shot points 1700 and 1900 with a main peak in Energy levels localized quite specifically between shot 1750-1780.



Elgal_1 and Elgal_2 are located around 1430 and 1530 shot points respectively.


In particular, Elgal_2 appears to be located at a point holding low values of Hydrocarbon Seismic Energy. Elgal_1 appears to be located within a slightly better position, as far as ‘Hydrocarbon Seismic Energy’ goes, compared with Elgal_2.


Full Tensor Gravity is in line with the Passive Seismic results via M#1 and therefore also with the P-1 prospect from the TWT. 


Passive Seismic Pot. I, II, III, VII. 


Simba Energy Kenya Block 2A Passive Seismic