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FTG M#1/M#2/M#3/M#4 – Passive Seismic


Within the Simba Energy block 2A (Kenya), the Passive Seismic Potential II seems to be the second highest in terms of energy levels. It is centered at ~18 Km South of Wajir and has an extension of ~149 sqKm. Certainly ‘Passive Seismic Potential II’ is the largest anomaly ‘by area’ detected from both Passive Survey’s conducted on Block 2A to date.

PassiveAnomalies3D-7Referring to ‘Seismic Line K74-2’  and the Passive Seismic Energy along it, Potential II’ and FTG Closure’s M#2 & M#3 appear to be located between shot points 1700 and 1900 with a main peak in Energy levels localized quite specifically between shot 1750-1780. 


Passive Seismic Potential II is formed by two lobes located over a North-South trend which is consistent with the FTG trend. The lobe to the North is larger and the second lobe located to the South is smaller both in order of extension and in Seismic Energy. Passive Seismic Potential I and II have the same FTG North-East/South-West trend.


Seismic Line K74-2, the Passive Seismic Potential II’ and FTG Closure’s M#2 & M#3 appears to be located between shot points 1700 and 1900


Passive Seismic Potential II and the FTG Closure’s M#2 & M#3


Full Tensor Gravity is in line with the Passive Seismic results via M#1 and therefore also with the P-1 prospect from the TWT.


‘Passive Seismic Potential I’ holds the ‘highest energy levels’ recorded across both ‘Passive Seismic Surveys Area


Passive Seismic Pot. I, II, III, VII. 


Simba Energy Kenya Block 2A Passive Seismic