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Mandera Basin 

Most recently a Full Tensor Gravity (FTG) gradiometry study has been conducted over the Simba Energy block 2A within the Mandera and Anza Basin which appears to be in line with the previous main identified Passive Seismic Pot. I, II, III, VII. 



Within the primary coverage area, the FTG has identified five structural features with independent closures varying in size from 30 sqkms to +100 sqkms.


The largest, having 2D seismic 4 way structural (M#1, M#2, M#3 and M#4) closure’s with excellent agreement to FTG and earlier Passive Seismic Survey’s, seemingly an excellent prospect area.


The original undertaking was to investigate and ascertain the hydrocarbon potential at the Company’s three initial Structural Targets/Prospects (P-1, P-2, P-3) by first employing a block survey using Passive Seismic to confirm or identify areas of hydrocarbon potential to be followed up then with 2D seismic for independent confirmation and structural definition.


Full Tensor Gravity is in line with the Passive Seismic results via M#1 and therefore also with the P-1 prospect from the TWT. 


Seismic Line K74-2, the Passive Seismic Potential II’ and FTG Closure’s M#2 & M#3 appears to be located between shot points 1700 and 1900


Passive Seismic Pot. I, II, III, VII. 


Passive Seismic Potential II and FTG closure’s M#2, M#3 and M#4 appear to be located between shot points 1700 and 1900 with a main peak of hydrocarbon potential localized quite specifically between shot 1750-1780. 


Simba Energy Kenya Block 2A Passive Seismic