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Moldabek Salt Tectonics


Moldabek is the biggest oilfield accumulation in the Caspian depression.  It consists of two structures:


  • Eastern Moldabek
  • Northern Kotyrtas.


KazakMoldabek-3-1The field discovered in 1968, started oil production in 1986, and came on-stream in late 1999.
It is located onshore and is situated in the Kizilkogin area.


The refining process in the area has a production rate of about 6.0 million tons per year.

There are two main producing reservoir sequences:


  • Cretaceous Sandy Carbonates reservoirs,
  • Jurassic /Fluvial Sandstones argillaceous reservoirs


In addition, there is a large potential subsalt Triassic reservoir below 2,000 meters. 


Salt tectonics is the main element responsible for the creation of the structure and for other prospects in Caspian basin (Pre-Caspian salt basin).


Recently, a full field development plan using 9 spot wells pattern has been implemented.