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HSEQ Commitment




We believe that all incidents can be avoided. Making a difference in HSEQ means:


  • Living our HSEQ commitment on a 24/7 basis; 
  • Preventing incidents with the potential of causing injuries and ill health; 
  • Acting in a safe and responsible manner;
  • Leading by example and promoting trust;
  • Intervening and welcoming intervention from others;
  • Stopping any unsafe  activity or where control is being lost;
  • Accept responsibility for our actions;
  • Achieving continual improvement.




Key companywide focus areas have been identified for monitoring HSEQ performance and achieving continual improvement.


  • Avoid fatal and major incidents; 
  • Improve risk management and reduce total risk exposure; 
  • Increase HSEQ awareness and reduce unsafe behavior.


PGES believes that Health, Safety, Security, Quality and Protection of the Environment are line responsibilities fully endorsed and 100% supported.