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About Us

Petroleum & Geothermal Exploration Services (PGES S.r.l.s) is an independent energy development firm primarily engaged in Geophysical Research for Oil, Gas & Geothermal Exploration Services using passive exploration disciplines. PGES strategy focuses on the exploration and development of oil, natural gas and geothermal reservoirs.


At PGES we employ the most appropriate Field and Petroleum Engineers, Geophysicists and Geologists for each specific project region, all overseen by our in-house specialists to consistently maintain the improvements to detail, quality and customer care across all the exploration projects.


We offer a broad range of products including, Passive Magnetotellurics Tomography (MT/AMT), Infrasonic Passive Seismic Spectroscopy (IPSS), Microseismic and Passive Seismic Tomography (MST/PST), Passive Radiometry Acquisitions (RDM) and On-Ground Gravity Tomography Services providing dedicated teams who specialize in survey design, acquisition networks, data processing and inversion services, geological and geophysical interpretation studies.


PGES was founded from a high passion for geo exploration disciplines, techniques, technologies and exploration itself. Through cooperative, cutting-edge ideas and efforts with each other, PGES personnel supports and ran several substantial size of passive seismic local networks in several countries and successfully designed, delivered, installed and maintained local passive and passive seismic challenging networks in such diverse and remote areas in Africa, Asia, North America and Europe.


Among Africa, PGES’s engineers and local field engineers deployed network arrays with a total of ~ 1,200 passive seismic stations located over the most important basins for hydrocarbon exploration purposes with more than ~ 10,300 data streams over more than 4,000 channels and with a stunning result of 99% data availability.


As well in Europe, North America, Russia and Asia, PGES’s field and local engineers provided passive seismic acquisitions in remote areas and around the clock of more than ~ 2,000 seismic stations generating more than ~11,800 SEED, MSEED, GCF data streams over more than ~6,000 channels and achieving the impressive stunning of 99.2% of data availability !


PGES has a customer base and field engineers world wide, local representatives in Africa, Americas and Europe, – we emply the most qualified people and solutions to produce the highest class quality results at the top-end level performance,

right on time, anytime, anywhere.